Thomas Houdijk

I support senior professionals in large organizations with their effectiveness and happiness at work

Personal effectiveness

You are the best in your field, but there is more to working in a large organisation. You would like to improve your impact, communication, or collaboration in the team.

I can help you to utilize your qualities more effectively in interacting with others. To make sensible choices and extend your influence in the team. Because you want to improve, or you need to improve.
Coaching works! It offers you the opportunity to fully focus on what is important to you.
Their experience and expertise make Senior Professionals the backbone of any organization. Investing in their effectiveness and happiness at work is always a smart investment.

Leadership as a second profession

How can you lead others if leadership is not your primary focus or talent? What if your new role as director, head of department or team manager requires a different mindset and additional skills?

Together we can create your own personal leader profile: your unique leadership style that meets the needs of your team and builds on your qualities.

Career Coaching

Have you been working in the same position for a long time and wonder if you want to do this for another 20 years? Do changes in the organization force you to re-examine your contribution, role, and career development? And would you like to continue learning, and be challenged?

I can help you gain insight into a career perspective that matches your values and qualities. Within your organization or beyond. To find new vitality and energy.

Burnout support

You never thought it would happen to you. Until you realized you couldn't go on like this. You had to act and temporarily distance yourself from your work.

Now you want to move forward. But how? I can help you reinvent your work and structurally create a new approach. To get back in the driver seat and to be able to make choices that are healthy for you.
"I was skeptical at first, not sure what it would bring me. But I've completely come back to that. I am very positively surprised, and it continues to be of value!"


How do you create a strong level of trust in your team? How do you engage in mature discussions? And how can you ensure all team members get the opportunity to fully utilize, and further develop, their talents?
With tailored interventions I support teams that seek to improve themselves and want to be successful based on a common goal.

Thomas Houdijk

For more than 25 years, I have been working with senior professionals with a financial, technical, medical and technological background in large (international) organizations. At Heineken and Fujitsu, I worked for many years as an HR professional and manager. Moving to consultancy I gained international experience as a trainer, leading workshops and in facilitating learning processes.

I compassionately put my clients first and will use everything in my means to help your progress.
"Thomas is sincere and knowledgeable. He offers guidance, support, and advice to progress, even in difficult situations. He is firm, honest and open."

How can I help?

  • As the result of a reorganisation, a successful board member is asked to apply for her own job. The prospect of an assessment center and a number of in-depth interviews makes her doubt her own abilities.
    During performance reviews, a financial professional is repeatedly told that she has to work on her "visibility" in the organization. The image she has of this, is at odds with the way she wants to do her job.
    A marketing manager at a technology start-up wants to be able to hold his own in a masculine and output-oriented management team, without having to conform to the norm.
  • The pressure of a global role in combination with personal problems makes a finance professional lack energy, gloomy and withdraw from contact with others
    An experienced account manager at an international organization has a new manager. The way in which criteria for success are abruptly and unilaterally adjusted, produces stress, insomnia, and doubt.

    A self-managing team of teaching professionals is unable to make joint decisions as there is always a discussion about what is most important, and what should be done first.
At the request of the client, an intake and evaluation can take place with the manager, HR or directors.
The relationship between coach and client is decisive for success
We start with an intake. If we are both enthusiastic about working together and the proposal is approved, we can plan the first of (often) 6 sessions.

Organisations I've worked for

I'm an associate at


Don’t delay what you can do today!

Do contact me via e-mail or WhatsApp. I cannot always answer the phone, but I will call you back. Welcome! 6 1287 5153

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